We are subject to the Financial Services Act (FinSA) and are registered at the ARIF – Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers – Client Advisor Register.

ARIF Client Advisory Register

Surname: Nettles
First Name: Ryan


Our dispute resolution procedure.

In case an issues arises, we would please ask you to contact us via phone +41 21 561 33 83 or by email at The majority of complaints are resolved at that stage.

However, if an amicable solution cannot be reached you can initiate mediation proceedings in accordance with art. 74 of the Financial Services Act (FinSA) before the Ombudsman Office to which Guru Capital is affiliated. The mediation procedure shall be governed by the Ombudsman Office’s rules in force at the time the request for mediation is submitted. The mediation can be conducted in English.


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