Guru Capital specializes in procuring and disseminating investment products centered around themes that resonate deeply with our passion. Through rigorous sourcing and distribution processes, we diligently curate investment products aligned with our core interests and values. By prioritizing alignment with our passions, we aim to not only generate financial returns but also contribute to the advancement of causes and industries we deeply care about, fostering a symbiotic relationship between investment success and personal fulfillment.


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Real Estate

Who can Invest?

Our investment opportunities are available to professional and institutional investors only according to the definition in Swiss Federal Financial Services Act (FINSA) article 4

Selected Investment Opportunities

Theme Name Instrument Type Currency Strategy Description Term Sheet
Fintech FINENVY Tracker Certificate CHF Investment in a Swiss fintech company intending to build a global B2C investment platform by acquiring and integrating multiple CFD & Securities Brokers Request
Real Estate BEHIKE Madrid 1 Tracker Certificate EUR Financing an investment into a real-estate development project in a consolidated city in Madrid, Spain Request
Equities AMEXA World Equities Index Tracker Certificate EUR Long only proprietary systematic trading strategy with discretionary overlays, which consists of selecting, large-cap companies traded on S&P 500, Nasdaq and Eurostoxx 600 Request